Trailmeme Bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are links you add to your browser Bookmarks Toolbar. With the Trailmeme bookmarklet, you can add web pages to your collection of markers as you browse and then add them to trails at your leisure.

How to add the bookmarklet to your browser
For most browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer
Make sure your Bookmarks Toolbar is enabled (for example, in Firefox select the View menu, then Toolbars, then Bookmarks Toolbar).
Drag and drop this link: Add to Trailmeme onto that toolbar.
For Internet Explorer
Make sure your Favorites Toolbar is enabled (select the View menu, then Toolbars, then Favorites Toolbar)
Make sure that Pop-up Blocker is turned off (select the Tools menu, then Pop-up Blocker, then Turn off Pop-up Blocker).
Right click on this link: Add to Trailmeme and select Add to Favorites.
You may see a security warning at this point. You can safely ignore this; Trailmeme bookmarklet will not harm your browser or computer.
In the next dialog box select the Add button.
If the Add to Trailmeme item does not immediately appear in your Favorites Bar, you will need to find it in your Favorites list, right-click on it and select Add to Favorites Bar.
You will need to be logged in, with cookies enabled on your browser, to add markers. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

If you would like to try the bookmarklet but do not have a Trailmeme account, you can request an invitation here.

Note: We are working on a much better bookmarklet that will allow you to add markers to specific trails, and not require turning off your pop-up blocker. Stay tuned!